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Log in to your Portal and change locations to operate

Be  Prepared!

* Hosted Phone Service Never Goes Down

*PreCustomized Relief in place

*Clients & Staff continue to have communications

*Relocate and work from home

*Grab your office phone ...then just plug it in 

*Employees can work from home with your phone

*All data and calls are captured and recorded

*Lines can be transferred Automatically

*Personal control of your Hosted Phone Service

*No service technicians to deploy

*No waiting on phones for a call back

  Telecommunications Host

How it works


1) We are your Host and supply you a dial tone.

2) Preprogram your device or devices.

3) Establish internet or network connection.

4) Then you get  a PBX (Private Branch Exchange


5) We or you now have full access to all functions in


6) Now we design where and how you want calls.

7) Start receiving calls in less then 10 minutes.

 You No longer have to wait for a service Technician to come out

                     Advantages  and  Benefits

         Unique Features

*Highly Personalized Service

*Keep Existing Phone numbers or Get a New #

*Direct Personal Communication with Our Team

*No Maintenance Fees or Costly Upgrades

*Highly Secure 

*Lower your Cost 

*Easy to install/Easy to switch services

*Unlimited Calls & Faxing

*Unlimited users can be added

*Scales up & down to fit your needs 

*Integrates with other business systems

*Dashboards & Reporting

*Call Routing

*Supports Multiple locations

*Review & Monitor your employees calls 

*Never miss a Call again

*Increase Your Revenue by Tracking your Leads

*Transcribe your voicemails to email

*Send faxes to your emails & stop wasting paper

*Recover a lost phone number

*System is built for Disaster Recovery

*Able to Keep your business running efficiently from any location

*Free 24/7 Support 

*National & Global Service available

  Remote Locations / Transcribe Fax to  Email

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