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   Solid Technology Solid Solutions

Get up & Running in Minutes

  • No Contracts / No Hassle

  • Keep your same number

  • Plug your Business phone in anywhere

  • Use your smart phone, computer, tablet or iPad as your phone

   Servicing the Telecom Industry for over 22 years



Never let your Business Phone lines go down


Hosted Phone Servive
Our Team / Consultants


Enjoy all our superior features, such as unlimited long distance, remote office abilities, auto attendant and rapid deployment.We are offering a corporate solution for  a small business price.


You’ve have questions? We have the answers. Our team of trusted professionals will help guide you through the process of assessing and designing your telecommunications infrastructure. Let us take the stress out of your technology decisions by providing the information you need to move forward with confidence.


Network Connections


Providing solid connections to your network devices can sometimes be an overwhelming task. We can help. Our team of technicians take pride in checking your network cabling with excellence. Let our experienced team help you today.

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